Ways to Get Pregnant

There are a number of ways to get pregnant, but these ways involve a single act and it is the act of sex. It is all in how you and your partner have sex that will determine how quickly you are successful in conceiving. In addition to how you have sex, there are other things that doctors in India and throughout the world recommend to help in becoming pregnant.


The correct sexual positions are the most successful ways to get pregnant. Positions that promote optimal penetration have a greater chance of resulting in conception. This means that the woman cannot be on top or in any upright position. Although some have been known to become pregnant despite the position, the success rate is much lower.

It is also important to have fun with sex. Take your time with it because you want to be aroused in order to be as fertile as possible. Orgasm also helps push the sperm along toward the egg, so it is best to not have sex just because ovulation may be occurring in which only the man enjoys it. Both of you must enjoy it to make it as effective as possible.

After Sex

Doctors recommend that waiting for 30 seconds after sex to stand up. This gives the sperm time to find the egg rather than standing up and expelling it before it even has a chance. It is ideal for a woman to prop her hips up with a pillow during this period to ensure the sperm’s journey.

Reduce Stress

Stress can suppress fertility. Some individuals even become too stressed over the different ways to get pregnant when sex is supposed to be a stress reliever in itself. Nevertheless, work stress and all types of stress should be managed. This means identifying the source of the stress and either changing it or eliminating it. Having time for oneself can help as well.

Predict Ovulation

Predicting ovulation is as simple as purchasing an ovulation kit. The test is taken around the time that ovulation is expected and only requires a small amount of urine to make its prediction. The test shows the 24 hour period in which fertility is at its highest. If you know when you ovulate, mark it on a calendar. If you don’t, use an ovulation kit for two months in a row to see how many days after your menstrual period you ovulate. This will help you to identify the dates on your calendar for future months.

These are amongst the doctor recommended ways to get pregnant. If conception takes too long, it is good to consult with a doctor so that the doctor can advise you of ways to get pregnant that will work for you specifically. Specific plans are based upon individual situations and can be quite effective in ensuring pregnancy happens as soon as possible.