How to Get Pregnant with Twins

How to get pregnant with twins seems to be a mystery to some, but there are statistics from around the world that show common characteristics amongst women that become pregnant with twins. Nevertheless, twins do remain a fascinating mystery. With enough research, however, the common trends have helped those wishing to have twins reach that goal.

One common trend is that individuals with twins in their families have an increased chance of having twins themselves. However, this is also not guaranteed. There are many couples with multiple sets of twins in their families, but they fail to have twins of their own.


Although fertility begins to decline once a woman reaches her 30s, it does not mean becoming pregnant with twins is impossible. As a matter of fact, women over the age of 35 have an increased chance of having twins. This is due to a phenomenon called hyper ovulation that occurs with aging. Ovulation tests can help predict ovulation, which can increase the chances of conception.

However, how to get pregnant with twins does not rely solely on age. Although hyper ovulation may be more common, it may not happen every month, which is why women over 35 do not always become pregnant with twins. The good news is that the increased probability is there.

Body and Nutrition

As much as having a healthy bodyweight is preached when it comes to becoming pregnant, adding a little bit of weight can help conceive twins. This does not mean becoming overweight. A healthy weight is always going to lead to a better chance of conception.

Eating dairy products and yams are also said to increase the chances of conceiving twins. This is based off of trends observed within an African community in which those women that consumed high amounts of dairy products and yams increased their chances of having twins significantly. Yams, especially, have chemicals within them that are believed to promote multiple ovulations that can result in a pregnancy with multiples.

Fertility Specialists

Although there are ethical concerns throughout India, it can be good to consult with a fertility specialist about conceiving twins. There are drugs available that can help in the conception of twins. There are also methods that doctors use. They do not always guarantee twins, but the probability increases significantly. In some cases, women have more than twins, but can have triplets or more.

Fertility treatments are to be considered carefully. The aforementioned tips are more natural. However, there are those women that wish to have their children before they are 35 or older. 

The cost of fertility treatments can be expensive, but fertility specialists do much more than provide drugs on In Vitro Fertilization. They can provide information that can help a couple conceive twins. When it comes to how to get pregnant with twins, this is, perhaps, one of the greatest chances of doing so.