Pregnancy Calculator

The first type of pregnancy calculator that women use is the one that helps them chart their ovulation so that they know when they can conceive. This is a very useful online tool if a woman is aware of the length of her menses. It also helps to know the Luteal Phase.

The calculator has helped many couples all over the world chart when they are ovulating so that they can conceive. This can be more effective and easier to follow than writing on a calendar each month. This tool can be used in addition to a calendar so that there is a constant visual reminder of when is a good time to try and conceive.

Luteal Phase

It is good to know your Luteal Phase. Typically, a woman with a 28 day menstrual cycle has a Luteal Phase of 12 days. This means that ovulation will occur on the 16th day of your menstrual cycle. The pregnancy calculator uses this as a part of a formula that calculates your date of ovulation. It is good to keep track of your menstrual period on a calendar so you can see whether or not your cycle is consistent from month-to-month. This will help ensure the data entered into the calculator is correct.

If you are uncertain as to the length of your Luteal Phase, you can have your doctor conduct a blood test that is hormone-specific. This will tell you what you need to know so that you can enter the proper data into the calculator.


The pregnancy calculator is very simple to use. You may need to enter such information as your menstrual cycle and your Luteal Phase. The result then tells you when you will ovulate each month based off of that information.

You may notice that ovulation is marked over a period of time with one day being the peak date of ovulation. The other days surrounding the peak day of ovulation show that it is possible to get pregnant on those days. There is also the fact that sperm can live for over 24 hours, so it can be ideal to have sex prior to the day of peak ovulation.

Another Type of Calculator

The type of pregnancy calculator that you want to be able to use soon is the due date calculator. You simply enter the first day of your last menstrual period and the calculator will tell you when your due date is. The due date you receive is the same as the one your doctor gives you. This is an exciting tool to use, however, because it marks the beginning of a very exciting journey.

The pregnancy calculator is fantastic at calculating when conception is ideal. Even if conception doesn’t occur immediately, that does not mean it will not happen next month, the month after, or in six months. Simply relax and keep on trying. And have fun while trying to get pregnant because happiness is also an important tool in being successful.