Getting Pregnant Tips


There are a lot of getting pregnant tips, but the best tips are those that involve the woman taking care of her body. It is also important for the woman to get to know her body. However, it helps if her partner takes care of himself as well to ensure the desired results. 


Taking Care of the Body


A thorough check-up needs to be done. This means checking weight, blood pressure, if diabetes exists, and if there are any chronic conditions that need to be addressed. Here are a number of conditions that can interfere with a woman’s ability to become pregnant, be pregnant, and deliver a healthy baby. Many times, the solution to ensuring a healthy pregnancy is treating a chronic condition or curing an acute one. 


A woman’s diet should be balanced. A balanced diet means taking in the appropriate nutrients, which is done by eating fruits, vegetables, foods high in protein whole grains, and abstaining from too many sweets and fats. This is, perhaps, one of the most common and effective getting pregnant tips that are encountered. Included in good nutrition is the introduction of a folic acid supplement and a good multivitamin. Exercise should also be done at least three times per week. For those not used to regular exercise, walking will suffice. 


For the men, smoking should be stopped because smoking contributes to infertility. A man’s sperm count can be reduced through smoking and even excessive alcohol consumption. By making these changes and also eating healthy, sperm will be healthy. A man should also wear loose clothing because constriction or overheating of the testicles can reduce sperm count.


Knowing the Body


A woman needs to know her body, which means knowing when she ovulates. There are symptoms of ovulation that include cervical mucus becoming watery and a small amount of pain in one of the ovaries (the pain is in the lower right or left side near the hips). To gauge when ovulation begins, women should begin paying very close attention to mucus consistency and other signs of ovulation around day 9 of her menstrual cycle. 


Although it is typical for a woman to ovulate on day 14 of a 28 day cycle, not all women have regular cycles. Paying close attention to one’s body can provide a great amount of assistance in gauging when to begin trying to conceive. 


Sexual Position


Another one of the most effective getting pregnant tips is the sexual position that is used. Missionary position is recommended, while on top, leaning, and standing positions are not. Positions in which the woman is upright can result in the sperm never having the chance to make the journey to the egg in order to fertilize it. 


Couples that follow these getting pregnant tips increase their chances of conceiving quickly. The keys to success are good health, knowing one’s body, and patience. Being patient will help with timing, thus will make the experience a more enjoyable one.