How to Get Pregnant Fast

Like many couples, you are wondering how to get pregnant fast. There are a number of tips that have worked well for couples in India and all over the world. Some of those tips revolve around ovulation, the frequency of intercourse, and relaxing while trying to conceive. Being nervous is not beneficial to the couple as a whole. Becoming a parent is a blessing, so conception will occur in due time.


It is ideal to know when ovulation occurs each month. For those wishing to know how to get pregnant fast, this is the first rule. Although conception can occur during ovulation, it is ideal to have sex before the peak of ovulation. This is because the sperm can easily outlive the egg, causing the egg to be released before ovulation rather than fertilized.

Once a woman knows when she will ovulate, having intercourse two to three days before the day of peak ovulation is ideal. There are a couple of days in which a woman is fertile before her peak date and a couple of days after. However, it is not recommended to try and conceive after the peak date because the possibility of fertilization not occurring increases.

If having difficulty calculating ovulation, there are ovulation kits that are available on the market that can predict ovulation. This method is much easier than trying to use the calendar method, which is when a woman calculates ovulation by assuming it is the middle date of a the menstrual cycle. However, some women do not ovulate the 14th day of a 28 day cycle, if their cycle is regular.

Have Some Fun

The key to how to get pregnant fast is to have fun by making intecourse enjoyable. This means planning a romantic evening or another activity that is fun for the couple. Romantic evenings can help keep the act of trying to conceive from becoming too boring. The most effective way to get pregnant quickly is to have intercourse at least three times per week.

Regular intercourse keeps couples from only copulating when ovulating. Those that have intercourse only during ovulation can seem rather mechanic and this can bring about frustration within the relationship. Frequency is also beneficial when not using an ovulation kit or any other method to predict ovulation. Many couples prefer this more natural method so they do not feel as if they are trying too hard to become pregnant. Those that feel like they are trying too hard tend to feel more like having intercourse is a task than an act of love that is meant to bring life into this world.

Most of all, couples wondering how to get pregnant fast need to take care of their health. A healthy body is one that can conceive easier and handle the stresses of carrying a baby. Even having fun is related to the health factor because having fun means reducing stress and a stress-free body is a nurturing body.

Further Reading

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