How To Get Pregnant

The population of India has surpassed the billion mark, making the country amongst the most highly populated in the world. Growing the population is necessary to continue the progress that India is making economically. Most of all, becoming a parent is an exciting journey. For mothers, motherhood makes her a complete woman. This is why knowing how to get pregnant is important when it is time to take that important step.

When ready to take that step there are a number of things to consider. Some couples find that they do not conceive immediately and they may wonder why, so how to get pregnant becomes a focus. Those couples that prepare and take care of themselves increase their chances of having a child sooner.


Such preparation includes giving up birth control and taking care of oneself. If giving up birth control, plans to become pregnant can begin immediately. It should be noted, however, that while some women do become fertile immediately, others may not begin ovulating for approximately two months. Once ovulation begins, then the chances of conceiving increase. Women should also chart their cycles to know when they are ovulating so that the best dates of conception can be known in advance and prepared for.

Other forms of preparation include eating healthy, exercising, taking Folic Acid daily, avoiding caffeine, and getting a thorough medical checkup. Even men benefit from these changes. Men also benefit from not smoking because smoking can lower sperm count.

Take Care of Yourself!

To go into more detail about health, those looking at how to get pregnant have a better chance of succeeding quickly by doing the tasks mentioned above: healthy eating, exercise, taking folic acid, avoiding caffeine, and seeing a doctor for a checkup. This means eating fruits and vegetables, as well as ensuring a healthy protein intake. This also means exercising in ways as simple as taking a walk a few times per week. As far as folic acid, it is not the only supplement to take. There are other vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and iron, which help keep the body strong.

As for why a medical checkup is important, a doctor is able to assess and address any pre-existing conditions. Some conditions can have an impact on becoming pregnant, while some may simply be nuisance conditions. Nevertheless, having the issues examined and managed can make the pregnancy experience much more enjoyable.

Gender Preference

Some aspiring parents have a gender preference, so they wonder how to get pregnant with the gender of their choice. There are methods that have been used by couples in the past that have been successful. There are techniques that are used, as well as the Indian and Hindu and Vedic System that couples must follow precisely in order to achieve the desired result.

An example of why certain systems work is due to the female sperm being slow, but it lives longer than male sperm. Female sperm can wait more than a day for ovulation to begin if it has not yet occurred, while male sperm cannot wait. With this said, timing is everything and this means it is important for the woman to know her ovulation schedule.

Don't Give Up!

How to get pregnant does not have to be difficult. Some do conceive faster than others, but that should not be cause for frustration. Proper planning and good health are the keys to getting pregnant. Even those with a gender preference can conceive the gender of their choice through good planning and the technique of their choice.